Please find below a short description of the FAM trips that will take place on 8th & 9th October, during Travel Trade Athens 2018.

08 October 2018

"Nautical Tourism in Attica"

Explore the Attica Riviera with a sailing cruise along the coastline! Explore an alternative view of Athens and the wider Attica region during a wonderful sunset. Upon your arrival in Cape Sounio, you will drive back to Athens through the coastal road of Attica exploring therefore all its beauties both from the sea and the land side.

“A Dive into Greek Gastronomy”

Τhe story of Greek cuisine – a country can be discovered through flavors, tastes and dishes. One bite may reveal the history of the country’s mainland; an aroma may evoke the stories of the seas. It is a country’s dishes that can reveal its whole history, culture and character.
Explore the journey of Greek cuisine through Gastronomics, the new dinning concept offered by Aegean on the airline’s Business Class flights.

“MICE Fam Trip for large to small scale events”

Departure from your hotel and visit of the main MICE venues of Athens



“MICE Fam Trip for medium to small scale events”

Departure from your hotel and visit of INCENTIVE venues of Athens



09 October 2018

"Cultural Tourism in Attica: Presentation of Eleusis - European Capital of Culture 2021"

Depart in the morning from your hotel and drive to the archaeological site of Elefsina. World-famous for the Eleusinian Mysteries and also as the birthplace of Aeschylus, one of the three great tragedians of antiquity. Nowadays, in the archaeological site of Elefsina you will admire a beautiful Roman courtyard, the temple of Artemis Propylaea, the remains of a fountain and two triumphal arches.

"Wine - Gastronomic Tourism in Attica: Attica's wineries"

Enjoy a tour to an Attica winery and its Cellars. Taste a full range of labels and learn all about the wines and their flavors.


“Acropolis & Plaka”
Depart from your Hotel by metro and enjoy a walking tour in the ancient heart of the city of Athens. Stroll in Dionysiou Areopagitou and Plaka and visit the city’s most iconic archaeological landmark, the Acropolis, before you return back to your hotel.



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