Information for Suppliers : HOW DOES TRAVEL TRADE ATHENS WORK?

What is the format of the workshop?

Buyers will sit at pre-assigned tables for the duration of the day. Suppliers will move between particular tables according to their set appointment schedule. Free slots during the day have been created for suppliers to network with additional buyers.

Do Travel Trade Athens attendees register in advance?

Yes all delegates must have registered, and delegate registration approved in advance to be able to attend the event. Please communicate immediately any name change for your company.

No walk-in registration is allowed during Travel Trade Athens.

How does the appointment process work?

Both suppliers and buyers will receive pre-scheduled appointments, which are determined through the following four stages:

a.           Appointment          Requests

You will receive an e-mail from ETOA asking you to make your appointment request online. This is where you can request which companies you would most like to meet.

b.           Appointment assignments

You will be assigned appointments based on your requests and those of other companies.

Both suppliers and buyers will submit requests.

c.            Provisional appointments

You will receive you provisional list of appointments via email in the week prior to Travel Trade Athens 2016. The appointments will be determined by your requests, your declared interests and by those who have requested to meet you.

d.           Final appointments

A final set of appointments will be sent to suppliers a day before the event, and a copy will also be provided to suppliers upon registration at Travel Trade Athens.

Buyers will be sent a copy of their scheduled appointments a day before the event, and on the day, a copy will be available on their allocated table.

e.           How many appointments will I get?

We will try to convert as many of your requests as possible into appointments, but please understand that some buyers are highly requested. Some buyers will also ask to see you, and we will try to meet their request as well. Therefore, your final number of appointments will mainly depend of the number of buyers who request to see you and on the availability of the buyers you request to see. Priority will be given to your requests.

You can expect to have a minimum of 12 appointments and a maximum of 28 appointments.

There are several networking opportunities throughout Travel Trade Athens, including the free slots, lunch and morning tea breaks and the Farewell dinner to give you the chance to meet those companies who are not included in your appointment schedule.


What are your Buyers’ aims?

Your provisional appointment list, will carry some descriptions and messages submitted by buyers. These will list aims for the meeting or describe their product and will help you prepare for your meetings.

What is the role of the person you are meeting?

Job titles are listed in material provided. It is your responsibility to research those attending scheduled appointments with a view to find out as much as possible about them, the organization they represent and the services they may require.

What materials should I bring?

Business cards! When bringing materials, remember that the buyers may take away information from each meeting. Distributing leaflets may be heavy and you may see them left behind. An alternative is to distribute light materials for example USB’s however suppliers are recommended to put emphasis on the relationship and contact made, and to coordinate follow up with buyers immediately after Travel Trade Athens keep the relationship alive and to follow up on potential business opportunities.

How should I present my service or product?

Buyers often have very specific interests at these workshops and a generic sales pitch is not of use. Be prepared and have a comprehensive range of information ready

How can I maximize my 12 minutes with buyers?

Please remember the success of the day depends on good timekeeping. These meetings are the beginning of a process. To be fully productive you should ascertain what the buyer wants from you, whether you can offer it and how to proceed after the workshop.

When can I circulate and network?

The event has free appointment slots, coffee breaks, lunch and a drinks reception at the end. We all know that the travel industry is very sociable, so be sure to take the opportunity to network and enjoy more informal discussions.

What do I do next?

You will probably find the day intense, varied and rewarding, but to make it truly productive and convert this special occasion into further business, following up promptly is all important. Plan your next steps from each meeting.

Your feedback is also very important to us please remember to let us know about your experience and your thoughts on how to make this important initiative even better.

Who we are & What we do?

At the Athens Development and Destination Management Agency (ADDMA) we make every effort to promote Athens as an attractive year round destination for business and leisure travelers.

ADDMA operates the Athens Convention & Visitors Bureau (ACVB), the city’s official Destination Management Organization. ADDMA’s ACVB focuses on both the MICE and City Break sectors through destination management development marketing services.
The ACVB implements a master plan that entails actions for increasing average length of stay, smoothing out seasonality and building up the local visitors' economy. It develops cooperation networks between the private and public sectors and strengthens connections with the international travel industry. Moreover, major tasks include branding and implementing an integrated communication and PR strategy as well as running visitor information and management services.

Can I become an ACVB member?

For queries regarding the ACVB membership program, please contact the ACVB team:
Tel: +302103312002
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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